Snowman Preschool Name Activity

Snowman Preschool Name Activity

Even though it has not snowed where we live yet, we have had a mild winter so far, we are learning about the letter S and Snowmen is one of the fun things that start with S!  I am always thinking of ways for my son to enjoy school more, with fun crafts and games.  Worksheets are great but not fun all the time!  I have posted my Preschool Name Activity- Pumpkin before and I have a new one, a Snowman Preschool Name Activity.

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Snowman Preschool Name Activity

I have a free printable snowman for you.  All you have to do is print it out.  There is a second page that has extra circles for the snowman body, you can print that page out as many times as you need depending how many letters are in your child’s name.

There are 3 ways to use this activity.  For older kids who know how to write their name, they can write their own name on the circles and cut it out.  For my preschooler I write his name for him, then he cuts it out and glues it in the correct order.  If you have a smaller, age 2 or 3, you might want to write the letters of their name on and also cut it out for them.  Then they can put their name in order and help glue it.

Here are the steps

Print out the snowman- Download your free printable here

Write your child’s name or have them write their own name on the circles

Let your kids cut it out (or help if needed)

Then glue together in order and decorate them if you like

Snowman Preschool Name Activity

Aren’t they cute?!

A little tip- write the letters towards the bottom of the circles that way the snowman can be glued together easier.

Snowman Preschool Name Activity
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