7 Types of CBD Oil Products

7 Types of CBD Oil Products

CBD Oil Products are being talked about everywhere lately.  If you don’t know much about CBD oil, check out my other post Benefits of CBD Oil for Moms.  In that post I discuss what you can use CBD oil for and why I use it.  I was pretty skeptical about CBD oil at first, but I researched and now I couldn’t live without it.  Now lets talk about 7 types of CBD oil products.


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7 Types of CBD Oil Products 

I want to tell you about the best CBD products.  There are 7 different CBD infused products that I am going to share with you.  These are different ways you can ingest or use CBD oil.  For example, not everyone likes taking a pill so there are other things you can use instead.  They have so many different options, there is something for everyone.


 CBD Oil Edibles 

A fun and delicious way you can ingest CBD oil is with edibles.  They make all different kinds of edibles, such as gummy bears, peach rings, or honey.  These are great for keeping with you on the go.  Edibles are also great if you are using CBD oil for a child who needs it.  Using edibles for your CBD needs is definitely the most delicious way to ingest CBD oil.  Check out all the different kinds of edibles here.


CBD Oil Capsules

Capsules are the CBD oil product I use most the time.  They are easy to keep with you and you can just take one and be done.  You don’t have to worry about the taste or anything like that.  They make all different strengths depending on what your need is.  As stated in my other post, consult your doctor beforehand.  Check out all the different CBD oil capsules here.   


 CBD Oil Tinctures

Tinctures are a mixture of CBD oil and coconut oil or MCT oil.  This product is taken under the tongue.  This is great for people who hate taking pills and don’t want to vape.  You can get different concentrations of the CBD oil tinctures to fit your needs.  Tinctures have some of the greatest reviews, I would definitely consider them one of the best CBD products.  Check out the different CBD oil tinctures here.


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CBD Oil Pain Cream

CBD oil pain creams are amazing!  There are so many different types of pain relief creams but nothing I have used before works like CBD oil pain cream.  You can use it for muscle pain, arthritis pain and so much more.  I have low back pain and wrist pain and CBD oil creams are the only creams I have found to be helpful.  The reviews speak for themselves.  Check out the different CBD oil pain creams here.


CBD Oil Vape Kit

In this day and age vaping is the new thing to do.  Vaping is the way to go if you like the ritual of smoking.  I know a lot of people who stopped smoking cigarettes with the help of vaping.  A vape pen is small and discreet and great to keep with you on the go.  Buying a CBD oil vape starter kit is the way to go for beginners.  You can also buy the pens, cartridges and oils separate.  Vape pens can also be cute, the one shown in the picture above comes in different colors, how cool is that?  Check out all the CBD oil vape starter kits here. 


CBD Oil Syrup and Drinks

CBD oil syrup is made to be mixed with other liquids, or they have little shots you can drink.  Have you been in the gas station and seen the little energy shots?  They are like those, except with CBD oil.  These are perfect if you need a little extra relaxation or stress relief that day.  Check out the different CBD oil drinks and syrups here. 


CBD Oil for Pets

Now this part is not a way that you can ingest or use CBD for yourself, but for your pets!  It might sound silly to some, but our pets can have different ailments or anxiety that a great CBD oil product can really help them with.  They make CBD oil infused pet treats, drops and sprays.  Be sure to go read the reviews, there are pet owners stating using CBD oil pet products helped their animals with anxiety, hyperactivity and pain relief.  Check out all the different CBD oil pet products here.


Best CBD Products

There you have 7 different ways you can ingest or use CBD oil products.  Whether you already use CBD oil or you are new to using CBD oil I hope learning about these CBD infused products is beneficial to you!  Let me know in the comments below, which CBD oil product is your favorite?


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