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Chore Chart and Behavior Chart Free Printable

Chore Chart and Behavior Chart Free Printable

So lately around my house we have been working on not yelling.  This includes the kids and us, the parents.  I made a chore chart free printable and a behavior chart free printable to help out with this.  We home school and we have different special needs in our house that make some days rough.  The boys are so close in age I feel like they fight CONSTANTLY, which usually ends up in someone yelling and someone crying (and most the time it’s me) 🙁

So I have been trying to come up with ideas to make life a little easier around here.  I am a list maker, I make lists for everything, and it feels good to check things off.  So I thought this might help the boys too.

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I really love this planner.  Having a planner helps me stay organized and keep our days a little less chaotic.


Behavior Chart Free Printable

I have been trying to get structure and organization in the house.  A few weeks ago I made the boys a behavior chart, it’s like the color charts I had as a kid in school.  They start out on green and move their magnet down when they get in trouble.  When they get to red, the last color, they get something taken away.  This is usually TV, tablet, computer, video games, etc.

First, print off the behavior chart (below), in the printer setting click “fit to page” to make sure it prints on one page size.  I also laminated mine so that it would last longer, having a laminator is AMAZING.

You can use clothespins and write their names on them to move down on the chart or hang the chart up on the refrigerator (or other magnetic surface) and use magnets to move down the chart.  We use the magnets.

Behavior Chart Free Printable 

Daily Chore Chart Free Printable

I made the boys a chore chart of the daily chores they need to be doing.  So they can wake up and check things off their chart throughout the day.  They are simple things, but helps them feel accomplished and know the things they need to be doing.

First print off the daily chore chart.  I really like to laminate this one because then the kids can use dry erase markers to check off the boxes as they get things done.  Then you can wipe it off the next day and start over.  If you don’t want to laminate it, you could use magnets to put in each box as the tasks are completed.

I added pictures for each tasks for the little ones who can’t read, and I also added a sun and moon for the day and night boxes that need checked off both times.

I made 2 different styles of the daily chore chart.  There is a blue and green one and a pink and purple one.  They both have a name spot at the top, I wrote their name on them before laminating.

Pink Daily Chore Chart Free Printable

Blue Daily Chore Chart Free Printable

I hope these help you out, they have been helping here so far.  Let me know how they workout for your family.

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