DIY Advent Calendar-Toilet Paper Rolls

DIY Advent Calendar-Toilet Paper Rolls

The countdown to Christmas has begun!  My kids are excited and I am in the process of finishing up all the gift buying.  Although this year, I have decided to put extra thought into the gifts.  Most the time my kids get toys for Christmas, they are so excited for them at first and play with them for a week, maybe.  But then they get tossed to the side and never played with again.  So this year I have decided to get them things that they will actual use over and over again, things like clothing, books, and educational toys.

There are also lots of homemade things you can do for gifts.  We made the softest homemade playdough, which is a perfect addition to any gift for kids.  We have gotten crafty again and made a DIY Advent Calendar with toilet paper rolls.  It’s super simple and fun and it uses up old things you have around the house.

DIY Advent Calendar

What you need

13 empty toilet paper rolls
Tissue paper (any color) we used green, red, and white
Construction paper
Cardboard (I used the bottom of water bottle packaging)
Hot glue gun
Glue stick
Black marker
Candy, money, or prizes for inside


DIY Advent Calendar
Cut the toilet paper rolls in half

DIY Advent Calendar
Cut out 25 squares of tissue paper.  The size should be around 3 inch by 3 inch.  I used 4 white ones for the tree trunk and green and red for the rest.  But you can use any colors you want, these are just what I had on hand.

Then you will use a glue stick to glue the tissue paper around the top of the toilet paper tubes.  This is a good part for the kids to help with.

DIY Advent Calendar
Set them up on your cardboard so you can see the layout and make sure everything fits.  Trace around edges, and trim off the extra cardboard.

Next, you will put the treats inside and hot glue the toilet paper rolls to the cardboard.

Starting with 25 at the top, number all the way down to 1.  A countdown to Christmas.

Cut strips of construction paper and hot glue around the sides.  I used red and green but again you can use any color.

Use hot glue to attach a piece of cardboard to the bottom for stability.
DIY Advent Calendar

That’s it!  Now you have made your own DIY Advent Calendar!

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