National Geographic Kids Books Review

National Geographic Kids Books Review

National Geographic is a well known magazine that contains articles about science, world culture, history and geography, but did you know that they have National Geographic Kids?  We have always been fans of National Geographic kids because my kids are home schooled and they love learning about animals, science and all things exploration.  These two books are perfect for your little explorers and I am going to tell you why.  Here is my National Geographic Kids books review.

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National Geographic Kids Books Review

We already love National Geographic Kids Books and subscribe to the kids magazine, it’s always packed full of great, fun information.  Get a subscription for yourself here.  They are doing something super exciting now and releasing a series of books.  This series is all about exploring.  The first book released in the Explorer Academy series is The Nebula Secret.  I can’t wait to read all the other kids National Geographic books as well.

Explorer Academy: The Nebula Secret

We really enjoyed this book, my boys are all about adventure and exploring.  The Nebula Secret engages the kids in so many different ways.  There are different codes, adventures and problem solving happening in this book.  The recommended age is 8-12.  My boys are not that old yet, but I read the book to them and they definitely enjoyed it.

The book starts out with a boy named Cruz who leaves his home in Hawaii to join the Explorer Academy.  He joins a group of other like minded kids from around the world.  They will be training to be the group of the next great explorers.  But there is more to the story, mysterious things are happening to Cruz and someone is out to get him.  That’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to ruin the book.

One thing I really love about this book is how it has different cultures from around the world and very diverse characters.  I think this is a really important thing to teach your kids.  I also really like that the book is fact-based fiction.  This makes the book more realistic and talks about places that we can actually research and learn more about.

If you are a home schooling family like us, it’s a great thing to add to your morning baskets.  Or if your kids are older, it’s a great book for them to read alone.

The Explorer Academy website has lots of fun stuff, such as games and previews of characters.  To celebrate the launch of The Explorer Academy, they also have a sweepstakes to enter for a free trip.  Be sure to head over and enter at ExploreAcademyTrip.comOverall, we really loved this book and can’t wait to get the next in the series.


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National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019

The other great book I was able to check out was the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019, a New York Times best seller.  This is one of the coolest books I have ever owned.  It is packed full of fun facts and interesting information.  The almanac has something for everyone and every age level.  Some of the fun features include 19 facts about telescopes and 19 of the cutest animals of 2019.

The book is broken up into different categories so you can just skip around to the sections you want to read about the most.  The categories range from Amazing Animals to Space and Earth, as well as current world events.  We thoroughly enjoyed this National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019.  We have learned lots of interesting things and there is still so much in the book for us to learn.

You can go to the Almanac Website and check out a video of a lion conservationist in the field, a lion quiz, and a poster contest.

Kids are encouraged to participate in a Lions Forever Almanac Challenge to win a $500 gift card to host a lion conservation party.  Go here for details and your chance to win!  We love having the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2019 and will keep buying them every year.


Kids National Geographic Books

We loved both of these books so much.  I am so excited that National Geographic started a book series because my family loves National Geographic documentaries, magazines, etc.  We plan on continuing in the series and looking at more National Geographic kids books.  Does your family love National Geographic as well?  Do you have a favorite book?  Let me know in the comments below.


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