Is CBD Oil Right For You? - Plus CBD Oil Review - Cakes to Kale

Is CBD Oil Right For You? – Plus CBD Oil Review

Is CBD Oil Right For You? – Plus CBD Oil Review

I am sure you have heard all about CBD oil and the benefits of it, but have you ever thought about taking it yourself?  I am going to share with you my Plus CBD Oil Review along with all the health benefits that come with taking CBD Oil.

*I received these products free from Moms Meet to try and give my honest opinions.  This page may contain affiliate links.  



Plus CBD Oil Benefits

Plus CBD oil review

There are many different reasons someone might take CBD Oil.
-relieves pain and inflammation

There are also more intense things like seizures, cancer, and diabetes.  I have read about lots of parents using this for their children with autism, spd, adhd, and more.  Here is a great study about this.

Plus CBD Oil is the highest quality hemp derived CBD oil on the market.  Hemp contains great nutritional value, it contains essential fatty acids that your body does not produce naturally.  This is non-psychotoxic, so it will not get you high.

CBD interacts with our ECS, Endocannabinoid System.  The ECS is made of of specialized lipids, their receptors, and the enzymes that produce and degrade them.  Endocannabinoids are know to influence and modulate a variety of psychological systems, such as appetite, pain and inflammation, muscle control, energy balance, metabolism, sleep health, stress response, mood and memory.

You can download an informational brochure with products here.

You can also check out this titration schedule.


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My Plus CBD Oil Review

Plus CBD oil review

My Plus CBD Oil kit came with Plus CBD oil
-peppermint extra strength spray 3mg
-gold formula unflavored drops 3mg
-extra Strength Balm 100mg
-gold formula softgels 15mg
-Capsules 15mg 

I have anxiety and as a busy, special needs mom I am stressed out all the time.  When you start using CBD Oil, you will want to start with a low dosage and work your way up until you find the right amount for you.

The drops and spray are 3mg.  I started with these and found they were not enough for me.  I started taking the capsules daily, they are 15mg.  This worked well for me, you have to find what will work for you.

Tip: Put the drops into your tea or coffee, you’ll never know they are there.

I found that taking the 15mg a day takes the edge off the anxiety for me.  I feel less stressed and more level headed.  CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory, I could definitely tell.  I felt more energy and just all around better.  I think that is one reason CBD is so great for stress, because stress builds tension in your body and this anti-inflammatory helps release that.

This is an all natural product which is something to keep in mind.  Instead of taking anxiety pills, try CBD oil first.  Maybe it’s right for you.  I would rather take a natural supplement than a pill, if it helps.  I know this does not work for everyone and sometimes you need a medication and that is okay.  But natural routes can be tried first.

The Plus CBD oil balm is also great for aches and pains.  Rub it on and feel it work.  I am on the computer typing and working a lot, so usually my hands and wrists start to hurt.  I rubbed this balm all over my wrist and hands and the ache slowly faded.  It’s actually super cool.

Overall, I love these Plus CBD oil products.  I prefer the capsules over the spray or drops, but I think the drops and sprays are helpful for kids or if you need a low dosage throughout the day.

As with any supplement, you should consult your doctor before taking this.

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After reading all about CBD oil, do you think it’s right for you?




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