Self Care Journal and 4 Week Series

Self Care Journal and 4 Week Series

I am starting a 4 week Self Care Series.  I know how hard it is to make time for yourself and take care of yourself.  I have created a Self Care Journal to help us all out along the way.  Lists always help me, there is something about being able to see my progress that I just love.  My Self Care Series will have 4 different challenges, one every week.

Now, this is not about weight loss, if you want to lose weight then great, but I find it’s more effective when you focus on being healthy and loving yourself.  When I first started my weight loss journey, I hated my body, and that was my only reason for trying to lose weight.   I look back now at all my old progress pictures and I was TINY, but I never remember feeling small enough.  I didn’t love my body, no matter the size it was.  This is unhealthy.  This is the problem with a lot of weight loss journeys.  You have to work on just being the healthiest and happiest you and learning to love your body along the way.

My Self Care Series will be through email, you can sign up at any time.  I have really great printables and information to help us all on our self care and self love journey.  I can’t wait to do this together!

Weekly Challenges

There will be 4 weekly challenges.  They will included in each email and explained in depth.  Each weekly challenge will touch on a point of self care and self love.  To go along with these weekly challenges, I have a list of my HIIIT workouts and meal ideas.


Self Care Journal

Self Care Journal and 4 Week Series

I have created this daily Self Care Journal not only to keep us on track with being healthy but it has sections to take a look at ourselves.  Let’s start from the beginning.

Weekly Goals

You will start off your self care journal with your weekly goals.  This can be anything you want to work on that week, such as getting enough sleep, taking time for yourself, working out 4 days this week, etc.  Baby steps, if you really struggle with taking time for yourself, start off with trying just a couple days a week.

What you love about yourself

I have included this in the journal.  Every week I want you to pick 2 new things that you love about yourself.  This can be anything, you love your eyes or you love that you are caring.  Take the time to think about this and really appreciate yourself.

Drink your water and move that body

Self Care Journal and 4 Week Series

There is a spot to fill in if you drink your water for the day!  Do this every day.  I will explain how to figure out the amount of water you should be drinking in the email.  On the move that body section I have included some workout options and a spot to mark off if you did a work out that day.  You don’t have to workout every single day, but this will help remind you to move that body, even if you just take a walk!  Getting your body moving is so good for your mind, body, and soul.

Weekly challenges and feelings

You will write your weekly challenges here.  Then write your thoughts about them, if you struggle or not.  What you can do better, what you like about that challenge, etc.  The next page has a spot to write how you are feeling daily.  I think this is very important,  sometimes we get lost in the day to day hustle and bustle, that we forget to check in with ourselves.  Try to check in with yourself daily, knowing how you are feeling will help you make your next choices for tomorrow.  Did something happen that killed your mood?  Write it down.  Something amazing happen?  Write it down. 🙂

Something you enjoy

There is a page dedicated to taking 20 minutes every day for something you enjoy.  You don’t have to do this every day, I know we get busy, but this will help make sure you focus on taking time for yourself.  I promise you will feel so much better after a little self care.

End of the week

Here you can write how your week went.  Did you accomplish your goals?  Take this time and the space provided to reflect on the week.  My hope is that you feel a little more self love with each passing week.  As we take our time for self care, taking care of our mind, bodies, and souls, I hope that you will gain some self love along the way.

So if you are interested in joining my self care series please sign up in the form below.  You will get the journal, HIIT workouts, and meal ideas emailed to you.  I will also be doing all the challenges and journal too.  I cannot wait to join together with other strong women and grow and learn with you all.  You can join at any time and the challenges will be emailed to you accordingly.


I am so excited about this!  I can’t wait to get to know all of you.


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