11 Sensory Tools For Kids

11 Sensory Tools For Kids

My oldest son has sensory issues but these products are helpful for all kids. This will be a list of 11 Sensory Tools For Kids that we can’t live without.  Some were suggested by his OT and others I ordered after my research, but they have all helped him tremendously and I am so thankful.

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Our Favorite Sensory Tools

Before I buy products I like to look up reviews for them, especially if my SPD boy is using them because he is sensitive to a lot of things.  So here is a list that might help other moms out there who have kids with sensory needs and are on a budget!


Our top item is the Sportspower My First Trampoline.  It’s the perfect size.  The reason we ordered this one and not one of the other cheaper kids trampolines is because this one has a max weight of 220 pounds so my kids have room to grow with it.  The other ones I looked at only had 50 or 60 pound weight limits.

It was pretty easy to assemble and it the safety of it is really nice.  There is foam covering any metal part the kids could touch.  My son has done so much better since we got this trampoline.  He loves being on it and it’s great heavy work.  This is most expensive sensory item we have purchased and it’s totally worth the money.

If you don’t have the money to buy this trampoline or want a smaller one, this one is a great option.


Chewing Tools

Like a lot of kids with sensory needs, my son loves to chew on things, anything and everything.  And sometimes it can be scary finding him with random small things inside his mouth.  He loves both of these items.  The ARK’s Textured Grabber XXT Oral Motor Chew Tool is textured so it gives him better oral input and it’s so durable.

The chewing necklaces also come in handy.  He always has something to chew on wherever we are.



Seamless Socks

One of my sons biggest issues is socks.  We have had so many fights and meltdowns over socks.  We finally found some that work for us.  Some socks for kids with sensory issues are so expensive and there is no way I could afford $10 per pair.  So we tried out these Stride Rite Comfort Seam socks and they are awesome.

They are not 100% seamless but they do have no seam and just a little stitch on the side to keep them together.  My son really loves them, and on they days he is feeling extra sensitive he wears them inside out.  We never fight over socks anymore. Such a relief.


Compression Shirts

Compression shirts help with body awareness.  My son says they feel like a hug.  🙂  Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $30 to spend on a shirt.  My son has an Under Armor compression shirt and a Nike one that we found at thrift stores, but these compression shirts from Lanbaosi are his favorite.  They a fraction of the price of the name brands, so I am able to buy him more of them.  And if he ruins them I won’t cry over it!


Milliard Anti-Burst Peanut Ball

This ball is great for bouncing on for heavy work and for squishing to give your kid sensory input.  We had a yoga ball first and this ball is so much better because it’s more stable and the kids can’t kick it around breaking things. Also it’s so budget friendly.  There are multiple size of this ball so you can pick which one works with your child.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

At the store my son tends to have a lot of meltdowns.  He gets very overwhelmed with the noises, lights and everything going on.  During one meltdown at the store he covered his ears and was yelling for everyone to be quiet and leave him alone.  This is when it clicked for to give headphones a try.

We tried another brand we got at the store and they we so big and bulky and he couldn’t get them on and off very well.  He hated them.  So we order these Vanderfields Earmuffs and he LOVES them.


Therapy Brushes

Brushing is one thing my sons OT suggested and he loves.  It helps him calm down and gives him all over sensory input.  And it’s great because it’s something he can do for himself.  These brushes are perfect, easy to hold and sturdy.

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Magnesium Oil

Our OT suggested this and it has helped tremendously.  It helps with sleep and natural calming.  I love it so much,  I made a whole post on how it was a game changer for us.You can check out my post here, How We use Magnesium Oil For Sleep.


Pod Swing

This is the swing that we have and we LOVE it.  We have the blue and green one.  Swinging is great for calming, when my son is having a hard time and needs some relaxing and calming time, this swing is perfect.  It’s also very affordable and comes with everything you need to hang it.


The Out-of-Sync Child

This is for us parents to understand whats going on with our kids.  It was so helpful to me.  I recommend to everyone.  It’s so thorough and has many checklists in it.  It covers every single part of the process of sensory processing disorder.  Reading this helped me become a better more understanding parent to my little one who struggles.  If you have a kid who struggles with sensory needs, this is a must read.



So there you have it, 11 Sensory Tools For Kids.

I order everything from amazon, you can find anything on there.  Getting amazon prime is so helpful, you get free 2 day shipping and a lot of other perks that come along with it.

You can start with a free trial to see how you like it!

I hope this list helps someone who is struggling with the same things we have been.  As always please reach out to me for help, advice or just to vent.  Sometimes we all need a listening ear!


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