Top Tips For New Bloggers

Top Tips For New Bloggers

I launched my blog at the end of August, and haven’t looked back since!  There are so many different blog posts about how to start a blog in 5 minutes or how they earned hundreds of dollars their first month blogging.  Well I am here to tell you blogging isn’t that simple, it’s way harder than I thought.  You don’t just gain thousands of followers and make tons of money overnight.  It takes a lot of work, but in the end it’s worth it and its fun!  So here is a real and honest post about the  helpful things I learned in my first month of blogging.

Here is my Top Tips For New Bloggers!

1. Don’t compare your progress to others

Everyone is different and everyone blogs differently.  If you are constantly comparing yourself to others, you will just get down on yourself and not have the fun you should be having while blogging.  Any progress you make on your blog and social media following is good progress.  I have been learning as a go, reading and researching all I can.  Honestly, it just takes time and effort to grow!

2. Join Facebook groups

I kept reading about how Facebook groups really help grow your blog, and I didn’t understand why until I joined some.  They have been SUPER helpful in growing the traffic to my blog.  You can ask questions, get to know other bloggers and promote your blog and social media.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I have met lots of wonderfully ladies that way who have been very helpful.  These groups are the main reason my Pinterest has been growing steadily!  Enter your email below and I’ll send you the list of groups I’ve joined that have helped me!

3. Pinterest is key!

Pinterest is one of the top ways to grow your traffic.  Most of my traffic comes from there.  Figuring out Pinterest can feel overwhelming at first.  First step, switch over to a business account so you can see how you are growing.  Then make sure you pin, pin, pin!  The more you pin, the more you will be seen.  Next, join group boards! There are so many out there, make sure you join ones that will be helpful to your niche.  Each group board has it’s own rules and way to join. is a good way to find some that will be helpful to you.  Getting a pin scheduler has been SO helpful to me.  At first I wasn’t sure I would need it but after trying it out, I will never go without.  I use Boardbooster.  You’re probably wondering how it works, well when you have free time you can pin things to secret boards that only you can see.  Then Boardbooster will pin them for you throughout the day, you can choose what boards to post to and how many times to post a day.  Most of us don’t have the time to pin things all day long, this way you can take 15 minutes of your free time and pin enough for the whole day or even week.  If you want to try out Boardbooster for free, check it out here!  The best thing about Boardbooster is they let you try 100 pins for free because they know you will love it.  It helps keep your pins seen and your Pinterest growing! Lastly, make sure you have pinnable images on your site and Pinterest.  I use, it’s free :), to make mine.  Check out my post, Egg Roll Fried “Rice”, to see another Pinterest graphic I made using Canva!

4. Use a reliable web hosting service

There are so many options out there for web hosting, it’s a little overwhelming.  I did tons of research before choosing mine.  I finally decided to go with Bluehost because I read such great things about them.  There are cheaper options, but when you sign up with Bluehost you get 1-click WordPress installation.  They also have 24/7 support, which I feel like is the most important thing to look for.  If you have and issues at ANY time you can get help and fix it.  Such a plus.  Lastly, they have a 30 day money back guarantee.  So if you don’t absolutely love it, you can get your money back and go somewhere else.  But I know you’ll love their hosting service just like I do.  Check it out below!

5. Use affiliates and ads from the start

Most people don’t add start using affiliates and ads right away because they don’t have a huge following yet, but making a little money is better than no money, right?  You probably won’t make a lot in your first few months and it will take you a little bit to figure out but it will be great practice time.  Only become an affiliate for things that you believe in and love completely.  I would never recommend any products or services that I did not like.  So far I have used Google Adsense for ads, they are a great place to start out because you don’t need many views to use their ads.  I became and affiliate for my two favorite places to shop, Amazon and Target! They have great little ads (see below) you can put on your site or you can link products that you use, which most the things I use are from these 2 places.  Find out if your favorite places have affiliate programs, it makes it very easy to incorporate and recommended the products and services when they are already your favorite.


Those are my top tips for now! I hope they are helpful, don’t be afraid to reach out to me with any questions or tips.  I would love to hear the things you learned when you first started out blogging!

Love and Laughs,


*Disclaimer: Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. I only recommend products that I believe in fully. See privacy policy for more information.



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