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About Me 

I’m Ashley, I’m sassy and loud, I cuss too much (working on that) and love even more!  I’m a mom of two boys, step-mom to one girl, and married to their daddy since 2011.  My husband is Zac, we met in 2010 when we were 19 and 20 years old, we starting dating, got pregnant, married and had our first child together all within one year. Some say we moved to fast but I say when you know, you know. Not to says we haven’t had our up and downs because WE HAVE.  I stay at home during the days and homeschool my boys,  I work part-time at night, but my passion has always been food!  I love to cook meals and eat around the table with my family.  It’s my favorite part of the day, to sit and talk about our days and enjoy time together eating some delicious food.  I love to get the boys in the kitchen helping out, and they love it too.

Health and Self Love

After I had my kids, I set out on a journey to be healthier and happier.  Growing up my family ate at the table most nights together, but any other time I was eating it was processed or microwavable food.  I ate a lot junk food and was always a heavier girl, never comfortable with myself.  After I had my boys, I was at my highest weight I had ever been at.  So unhappy with myself and my body, feeling so tired all the time from eating all the wrong foods.  I felt sluggish, fatigued and couldn’t keep up with the kids. That’s when I decided to start making healthier life choices, not only for myself but for my kids.  I grew up eating junk, so it was very hard for me to unlearn all those bad eating habits and to pick up new healthy ones.  When I was a kid the only vegetable I liked was corn.  I decided I would forget about what I thought I didn’t like and try them all.  I started off working out at home and trying to eat clean.  It was tough at first with two small kids and not knowing anything about being healthy.  After a lot of trial and error, I learned what I know now, and my love of food grew even stronger.  Eating clean and exercising helped me drop 50 pounds, but mostly it gave me a better look on life.  I am healthier and happier and so are my kids. I wanted to make sure my kids grew up eating whole, real foods and not just processed junk.  Now don’t get me wrong, we eat sweets and unhealthy foods too, just not all the time.  Life is about balance.  I still love a big juicy burger with fries just as much as the next person.  Oh and maybe a brownie too!  To me life is about being healthy and happy and teaching my kids that too.

So I decided to start sharing my recipes with you all.  There are recipes from cakes to kale and everything in between.  I have real life mom shit (oops, working on that) to share as well.  Everything from pregnancy, kids, breastfeeding, and money saving!  I can help you live a healthy, happy, balanced life and give some of wisdom I learned over the 5 years I’ve been on this balanced journey to health and happiness!

I believe to journey to a healthier and happier self starts with self love and self care.

Before kids, and now!


Love and Laughs,