How To Use Pinterest For Business

How To Use Pinterest For Business

Y’all, I am FINALLY getting the hang of this Pinterest thing.  I have been blogging for a couple of months, and through lots of trial and error, my engaged Pinterest views and followers is going up!  I am going to explain to you how to use Pinterest for business.  If you want to explode your traffic quickly, Pinterest marketing is the way to do it.


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How To Use Pinterest For Business


First here is my Pinterest Overview, this shows on October 26th I had 16k monthly viewers and 488 engaged viewers.  This was before I started really implementing any Pinterest strategy.  I was just pinning things through my scheduler. I started really putting in time, effort and strategy around the end of October.

Best Pinterest Tips


Here is my overview November 9th, as you can see my engaged viewers more than doubled in less than 2 weeks! I have almost 52k monthly viewers and 1,137 engaged viewers.

Best Pinterest Tips


So this right here shows that my strategy is definitely working.  Now that I have figured out what I need to do, I can’t wait to see how it grows.  There is more room to grow, obviously, but I am so happy about finally figuring out what works.  Let me tell you how I started rapidly growing my traffic with Pinterest Marketing.


Here are my stats as of March.  I have also had multiple pins go viral bringing insane traffic to my blog in one day!

Best Pinterest Tips






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How to set up your Pinterest Business Account

Setting up your Pinterest account is pretty simple, but there are a few things that are very important.  You don’t want to forget these few things when setting up your Pinterest Business account.

Make a Pinterest Business Account

First make your Pinterest account a business account. This is easy to do.  You can switch over your existing Pinterest account or make a new business Pinterest, that’s what I did.  You create your Pinterest business account here Make sure to verify your site with Pinterest.  This will show you all the analytics you need to see how your traffic is growing.

Enable Rich Pins

Rich pins show data from your website.  It will show your website name and profile picture right under your pin.  I post a lot of recipes, with the rich pins enabled is shows the ingredients right under the pin.  If someone pins directly from your website, it will automatically be a rich pin and keep your website information tied to the pin.  Here is the rich pins validator.

Use Great Keywords and Pictures

Use keywords EVERYWHERE!!  This is one area I made a mistake in, I forgot that Pinterest is a search engine.  When I started implementing a Pinterest marketing strategy, I went back through all my pins and boards and loaded them with keywords.  Think about what someone would search for to find your pin, board, etc.

Pinterest is also a visual search engine.  Your pictures matter!  Make sure to have vertical pins!  You want pin-worthy images, so when people see it, they want to pin it, read it, eat it, etc.  Canva is a great free resource to make your pin images and they also offer lots of free stock photos and cheap ones to buy.

Creative Market is a great place to find graphics and fonts as well.  They offer packages so you get the most bang for your buck.  They also offer lots of freebies.

Join Group Boards

Now this is REALLY important.  Group boards are great for gaining traffic on your pins.  When you post to a group board your pin will be seen by more people, lots that don’t even follow you…yet. 🙂

There are group boards for everything, make sure to only join ones that fit with your blog.  Pingroupie has a great list of group boards.  I also have a list of my favorite group boards, get it below.  Another way to find group boards is to look at what boards other bloggers are on and try to join those.


Make sure you have pinable images on your website

There have been so many times I have went to a website and wanted to pin something but the website didn’t have any pinable images.  In every blog post or recipe I post I make to sure to add a few pinable images.


Pinterest Marketing Strategy

We have went over all the basics of making your Pinterest the best it can be!  Now it’s time to start your pinning strategy.  This is where I was lost.  I had read tons of articles about pinning and growing traffic and using a scheduler.  And I was doing those things but it was getting me NOWHERE.

I was struggling so I finally gave it and bought, Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies E-Book .  I decided to buy this book after reading all the great reviews on it and because she has a manual pinning strategy, using the scheduler wasn’t getting me anywhere. Sometimes I use the scheduler to pin other people’s pins through the day, but manual pinning IS WHERE IT’S AT!  Once I started manual pinning and implementing her strategy is when my traffic more than doubled in less than 2 weeks, my monthly viewers more than tripled!

UPDATE- This book worked!  My traffic is more than 10x the amount it was when I started. 10 TIMES THE AMOUNT.  My mind is blown.

This book changed everything for me and I couldn’t be happier about purchasing it.  It’s so affordable and easy to understand.  She breaks everything down in an easy to understand way.  And let me tell you, if you are struggling with Pinterest, buy this book.  I mean, just look at the ten days I implemented this strategy, I more than doubled my viewers.  She has figured out all the Pinterest Algorithms for you! 🙂

Get her Pinteresting Stratagies E-book here!

She also has a new course available for affiliating marketing.  I am taking it now and loving it!
Get it here.


There you have it, How to use Pinterest for business.  I hope this Pinterest Marketing strategy helps explode your traffic.



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How To Use Pinterest for business. Get a pinterest marketing stratagey.

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