Valentine’s Day Printables For Kids

Valentine’s Day Printables For Kids

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Valentine’s day is such a fun holiday when you have  kids.  Making crafts, playing games and enjoying Valentine’s Day snacks are some of my favorite traditions.  I’ve made some fun Valentine’s Day Printables for kids!  These printables will make your Valentine’s Day even better.


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Valentine’s Day Fun For Kids

We love celebrating Valentine’s Day at my house.  A day filled with love, what could be better.  We are a homeschooling family and my kids love when I incorporate a holiday into as many activities as I can.  We use these Valentine’s Day printables and games multiple times through out the month of February.  


I have  Valentine’s Day printables for every budget.  Some free Valentine’s Day printables and a little pack filled with fun stuff.  Creating lasting memories and traditions that your kids will remember is the best part of any holiday.

You can stop at the store and pick up a couple little prizes for games included in these printables.  

Or as a prize, you could make a Valentine’s Day Dessert, pick up the ingredients for my delicious Brownie Batter Balls. 


Valentine’s Day Bingo & More Valentine’s Day Activities

If you have a couple bucks for your Valentine’s day budget, then I have created the perfect Valentine’s Day Fun Printable Package for you!  This kids printable pack has multiple games, coloring pages and more!  I have kept the price super affordable so everyone can enjoy the fun.  You can get everything for only $3. 🙂 

The Printable Fun Pack comes with

  • 8 different bingo cards and calling cards
  • 8 different colored candy hearts
  • Word Search
  • Word Scramble
  • 2 more activity pages

You can print out more bingo cards or pages as needed.  Detailed description of everything included below.



What the Valentine’s Day printable package includes


Valentine’s Day Bingo

Comes with 8 different bingo cards and pieces to cut out for calling cards.  You can also print more of the bingo cards if needed.  You can use whatever candy or snacks you like for the bingo chips.  This game is extra fun this way because then you can play and eat!

For extra sturdy bingo cards, print them onto card stock paper.

You can also laminate these to last longer, you can reuse year after year.  Can you tell I love laminating?



8 Different Printable Valentine Hearts

The kids will cut these out, decorate them and write things they love about their family and friends on them.  They can give them to their friends as Valentine’s Day cards or you can use them as a family like we did.

We use ours to write things we love about each other and hang them up on the wall.  You can print out as many hearts as you need.  These hearts help the kids with cutting and writing skills.  If you have smaller kids, you can help them cut the hearts out and write what they say on them.


Valentine’s Day Word Search and Valentine’s Day Word Scramble

You can set a time limit, make it a race, see who gets the most, or whatever works for you!  That’s the fun.


Love Coloring Pages

I love me coloring page is so the kids can draw a self portrait and write one thing they love about themselves.  I love this one to encourage self love and confidence at young ages.

The someone you love coloring page is so they can color this page for someone special, like parents, family or friends.  You can print out more than one if they have multiple special people they want to color the page for.


Valentines Day Printables

This Valentine’s Day Printable Package comes with 10 pages total. 

You can print as many copies of each page you need.  For example, if you have 3 kids, you can print the word search 3 times. Or if you have a classroom full of kids, you can print enough for them all at the one price.  No upcharge!

We love making crafts and playing games for every holiday, we hope you do too.




Free Valentine’s Day Printables

Printables are an easy way to have fun at home.  The first pack of free Valentine’s Day printables I have for you includes 3 pages.  You can use them as playdough pages or coloring pages.  Or both.  

To Use As Playdough Mats

Slip them into a page protectors, then you can reuse them over and over again.

Or if you have a Laminator, you can laminate them.

To Use As Coloring Pages

Just print them out as many times as you like and color away!


Here are your free Valentine’s Day coloring pages!


I hope you all enjoy these Valentine’s Day Printables as much as my family does.  Let me know in the comments below.  🙂





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