DIY Halloween Bucket Planter

DIY Halloween Bucket Planter

I am not a very crafty person.  DIY projects are not my thing.  But this DIY Halloween Bucket Planter is SO easy and cheap!  If I can do it, you can too.  This is a kid-friendly project, my kids loved doing this.  They get to pick out the buckets, paint color, and plants.  If you have old Halloween buckets that aren’t being used anymore this is also a great way to use them.

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DIY Halloween Bucket Planter

Supplies you will need

-plastic Halloween buckets, the ones with the faces
-a plant/flowers
-potting soil
-spray paint, any color you choose.
-spray on glossy clear coat
-cardboard or newspaper to paint them on

Tools you will need


How to do it

  1. Poke holes in the bottom of the buckets with a knife so the water can get through when you water your plants.
  2. Put your pumpkin(s) on your cardboard/newspaper and spray on a light first coat.  Doing 2 coats of paint works best for these to prevent drips.  So it’s okay if the first coat doesn’t fully cover.
  3. Once the first coat is dry, spray on a second coat.  It should be fully covered now.
  4. Let that dry and then spray with the clear coat.
  5. Once that is dry, you can put in your plant!  Fill your bucket with the potting soil and add your plant.
  6. Admire your work!

Easy peasy! 

Halloween Bucket Planter

I loved doing this DIY halloween bucket planter project because the finished product was cute and it was easy to accomplish.  Do you ever try a pinterest project and it comes out nothing like the picture? Me too.  You’ll feel like a a pro after doing this one.  Now I just want to spray paint all kinds of stuff to give it a new look! 🙂


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Here is our before and afters!

Halloween bucket planter         halloween bucket planter

halloween bucket planter            halloween bucket planter



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DIY Halloween Bucket Planter






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