Frugal Beauty Products For Tired Moms

Frugal Beauty Products For Tired Moms

Being a mom isn’t easy and we don’t have a lot of time for ourselves.  I really like to do my makeup before going anywhere and I always have.  It makes me feel like myself.  Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time though and I reach for my favorite frugal beauty products for tired moms.

These products are not expensive because like I have said before I am CHEAP.  They are perfect for tired moms because you can use these when you want to look presentable but don’t have much time or don’t want to put in much work.  When you are a busy mom you have to have beauty hacks on hand!

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Frugal Beauty Products For Tired Moms

This is a list of my favorite frugal beauty products for tired moms.  I use these products almost daily and could not live without them.  These are products that are my go-to when I am tired and don’t want to put in much effort.  And most of all they are FRUGAL!


The first product has to be my favorite one.  Dry Shampoo is a must have for me.  You can get a 2 pack of the big cans for under $10 on Amazon.  My hair generally looks greasy after one day, so I use this stuff constantly!  I don’t know about you, but I do not have time to shower every day.



Now this one is a little more expensive.  I hesitated buying it, but it lasts such a long time.  I have had my bottle for months now.  I used to use cheap foundation from the drugstore but in the long run this is cheaper.  It is so much better for your skin than the cheap stuff and it doesn’t make you look cakey.  You can use this on the days you are tired and just need to brighten up your face or use it with a full face of makeup.  I have done both.  A tiny amount of this will cover your whole face and it also has sunscreen built in.  I swear by this stuff.



This face powder is perfect for my frugal beauty tips.  If you are cheap, like me, and tired, like me, then this is perfect for you.  I love to use this after my bb cream.  The combination of these 2 products gives just enough coverage to look put together with hardly any effort.  Throw on a little mascara after and you are ready to go for the day!



Coconut oil is good for so many things.  I use it the most for makeup remover.  It works amazing for this.  Especially for that waterproof mascara and eyeliner that is such a pain to get off.  Just rub this on your face and wipe off with a wet cloth.  I usually wash my face after doing this, just so my face isn’t super oily.  I have really sensitive skin so I use this after I shave also.  It helps with razor burn and itching.  Make sure to buy the good organic cold pressed coconut oil.  You can get it for under $8 and it lasts a really long time.


This face wash is amazing.  It’s the only one I have found that keeps my skin clear.  You only need to use a little bit and it lasts such a long time.  When I have clear skin, I use less makeup, which saves me money!


A Few Extra Tips

I subscribe to Ipsy bags.  Now this probably does not sound frugal to you but let me tell you why I keep paying for them.  I pay $10 a month and receive a make up bag filled with goodies.  Now, like I said I am really cheap, but I get my money worth.  I really would love to be able to buy expensive makeup to try out, but I just don’t have it in me. 🙂  On the Ipsy website you can customize the type of products you want to receive.

I had the opportunity to try all kind of high end makeup for $10.  I have also gotten some of my favorite brushes and products through my Ipsy bag.  The bb cream I mentioned above came in my Ipsy bag.  I was able to try it out before I bought a full size and I fell in love with it.  I haven’t bought a lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, face wash, or highlighter since getting Ipsy bags.  If that’s your thing, you can sign up for Ipsy here.

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