Preschool Name Activity -Pumpkin

Preschool Name Activity -Pumpkin

My youngest is in Preschool this year, he is 4.  We are doing the letter of the week curriculum from  We love it, I think it’s a great program to start your home school journey.  She gives you so many resources and great info.  We are on letter P, learning all about pumpkins!  Perfect for fall.  So I made this great preschool name activity shaped like a pumpkin.

Preschool Name Activity -Pumpkin

This activity is great because it helps your child learn their name, but they also get to practice their cutting.

First print out this pumpkin printable.
Then write your child’s name on it with lines in between for cutting, like the picture below.  If your child is old enough to write their own name you can write the lines for them and let them fill their name into the spaces.
preschool name activity

Next have your child cut out the pumpkin and across all the lines.  Once they are done, mix up the pieces, then your child can glue it to a piece on construction paper in the correct order.  For extra practice, I have my son trace over his name when he is done.
Preschool Name ActivityAll finished!

Preschool Name Activity

Then hang it up!  This preschool name activity is a great combination of fun and learning.  Feels like arts and crafts but helps them learn their name along the way.  🙂

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Preschool Name Activity
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