Fun Frozen Jello Grapes

Fun Frozen Jello Grapes

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I am always trying to come up with healthier snacks and meals for my family.  Coming up with healthier snacks for kids is a little more difficult than coming up with snacks for myself.  These Fun Frozen Jello Grapes are a new favorite in my house.  Not just for the kids, I love them too!


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Fun Frozen Jello Grapes

This jello with grapes recipe is going to be a new go-to in your house, I just know it.  Frozen Jello Grapes are a fun and delicious snack that you can feel good about your kids (and yourself) eating.  You only need a two simple ingredients to make this grape recipe.  Making these Jello Grapes would be a great opportunity to get the kids in the kitchen!  


-1 0.6 oz box of sugar free jello
-2 cups grapes of your choice

That is all you need!  

This jello recipe gives you a lot of different combinations to choose from.

There are SO many different flavors of jello.  When picking a jello for this recipe, you want to pick one that meets the health needs of your family.  Jello brand has at least 8 different sugar free flavors.  If you choose a red jello, it does stain fingers a little bit, so beware of that.

My go to jello is Simply Delish, this brand is sugar free and dye free.  We don’t eat food dye in our house because of the effects on behavior.  If you are unfamiliar, check out this article to see why you should ditch the food dye.  Simply Delish brand has multiple flavors as well.


After you choose your jello, then pick what kind of grapes you want.  Purple, red, or green, there are multiple choices. 

Have you heard of cotton candy grapes?  They taste just like cotton candy, pick these ones, and then coat those in jello, how awesome would those taste?!  


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How To Make Fun Frozen Jello Grapes

Now that you know all the different combinations you can choose from, you need to know how to make these yummy Jello grapes.

It’s so simple, like really really simple.

-First, remove the grapes from the stems.

-Wash them thoroughly. 

Here’s how I wash my fruit.
Mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water in a large bowl. 
Place the grapes into the bowl.
Let sit about 5 minutes.
Transfer grapes to a colander and rinse.
Now your grapes are clean!

-After you have washed your grapes, leave them wet and put them into a large zip lock bag.

-Pour the jello into the bag.

-Shake it all around to coat the grapes.

-Remove the grapes from the bag and place onto a plate or cookie sheet and pop them into the freezer.

-Let freeze then enjoy.  You can keep these in the refrigerator if you prefer.  The jello does not stay on as well this way, but they are still delicious.


Instead of the bag you can also roll the grapes around in the jello one by one.  My kids really love doing it this way, especially licking the extra off their fingers. This way coats the grapes evenly, it’s a little messier but fun!


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This jello grape recipe is perfect in the summer on those hot days.  Fun Frozen Jello Grapes would also be a great dessert or snack to bring to a party.  You can mix and match different flavors and have rainbow grapes! 🙂

Have you made jello grapes?  What combination is your favorite?  



Yield: 2 cups

Fun Frozen Jello Grapes

Fun Frozen Jello Grapes

Healthier than candy, delicious frozen jello grapes!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1 0.6 oz sugar free jello
  • 2 cups grapes


  1. Remove grapes from stem
  2. Wash grapes (fruit wash instructions above), leave them wet
  3. Place grapes into gallon zip lock bag, pour jello on top
  4. Seal the bag and shake to coat the grapes
  5. Remove grapes from bag, place onto plate or cookie sheet.
  6. Freeze and enjoy!

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1/2 Cup

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