10 New Moms Must Haves

10 New Moms Must Haves

Having a baby is overwhelming and exciting.  There are so many products out there and it’s hard to decide which ones are must have baby items for first time moms.  I bought so many things that I thought I would need that I never even used, especially with my first baby.  Here is my list of 10 New Moms Must Haves.  None of that crap you’ll never use.

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10 New Moms Must Haves

One thing that I think every new mom needs is a prenatal class.  Having a baby will be one of the best and scariest things you will ever do.  Taking a prenatal class will ease your worries.  This free course covers things you will experience in labor, delivery, and after baby tips.
Check out this free online prenatal class here.




Are you planning on breastfeeding?

If you are, this breastfeeding class is perfect for you!  Breastfeeding can be hard without knowledge and help.  The best part about this class is you can do it all online and it’s very affordable.  With my first baby, I had no knowledge or help and failed at breastfeeding.  I read up, took classes, and asked for help with my second baby and I was able to breastfeed successfully!
Check out The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class here.

Baby Swing

A swing is a lifesaver.  We used ours every single day.  The swing is great if you are a work at home mom, homeschooling mom, or any time of mom.  When you need to go to the bathroom, clean the house, get some work done, etc the swing is the perfect little helper.  My boys LOVED their swing.  Here are a few cute and affordable options.

This is a portable swing It’s great if you need a space saver swing or if you need to be able to take the swing around with you.  It’s very affordable and comes in different colors.  This one has different music settings, 6 different swing settings and can be a baby seat with vibration.  This is a great deal.

This is a Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing.  These types of swing are my favorite.  This swing takes batteries or plugs in.  It also has different swing settings, songs, and vibrations, along with dangling toys.  This one also comes in different designs or colors.

This one is a MamaRoo.  I have heard amazing things about these swings.  They are supposed to move the way moms do.  It bounces up and down, sways side to side, and has 5 other unique motions.  It reclines or sits up, and it also has Bluetooth so you control it from your phone.  How crazy is that?



Baby Wrap/Carrier

Baby wraps or carriers are definitely a new mom must have.  We used ours all the time and that’s why it’s my favorite thing to include in the new moms must haves.  When my boys were really little we used the Boba Wrap and when they got a little bigger we used the  Ergo Carrier.  Wraps or carriers are perfect for store trips, family outings or just doing things around the house.

You want to make sure you get a good carrier that holds your baby right.  The cheap ones that let the baby face to the front or dangle them are bad for their hips.  You want their legs to look like a frog.  Here is a great post about this.

Here is a Boba wrap These wraps are perfect to use when your baby is little.  They are easy to wrap, watching a YouTube video is the easiest way to learn how to wrap it.  It holds your baby close to your body.  This wrap was a lifesaver for use.  Especially since I already had a toddler when I had another baby, I needed all the help I could get!

The ErgoBaby Carrier is super helpful as your baby grows into a toddler and if you need to wear your baby for long distances.  We used this until my kids were 3 and 4, it was perfect for zoo trips or other family activities.  Getting a good carrier like this will help your back too.


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Boppy Nursing Pillow

Even if you don’t plan on nursing, these pillows come in handy.  We used ours so much.  They are great for holding the baby in a comfortable position or laying your baby on them also.  They are extra helpful if you are nursing.  Boppy Nursing Pillows come in many different patterns and the good thing is the cover comes off of them so you can wash them.




Swaddling will help your baby feel comfortable and sleep better in the first few months.  Blankets are great for this, but I really love the SwaddleMe sleepers.  Trust me with a newborn you want to make things easier for yourself.

Diaper Bag

Picking out the right diaper bag for your family can take awhile.  You want to make sure it fits all your needs.  This is especially important if you have more than one kid.  My favorite type of diaper bag is the backpack kind.  These ones are my favorite because when you have to carry your baby, purse, groceries, etc.  Throwing the diaper bag on your bag will give you an extra hand.  There are so many different styles and prints, but here are a few of my favorite ones.

This one is a very affordable option.  It is a Graco Gotham Backpack Diaper Bag.  It has space for everything you need.

I love this one!  Isn’t it so cute? It’s also an affordable option, but a little more stylish than the plain colored ones.  You can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag.  This is a BB Gear Tribal backpack Diaper bag.


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Sleeper Gowns

Sleeper gowns are lifesavers!  At night when you are super tired and your baby wakes up crying needing their diaper changed, these gowns will make things so much easier for you.  You don’t have to take baby legs out of each leg hole.  These gowns have elastic at the bottom, you just pull them up, change the diaper, and pull them back down.  Easy peasy!


This was my kids favorite thing ever.  As they got bigger and wanted to play more this was very helpful to get some things done around the house or to workout.  My oldest son would sit in his and just bounce and bounce.

These ExerSaucers are just like the one we had.  Super affordable and fun.  This is an Evenflo ExerSaucer bounce and learn activity center.

Bath Seat

There are so many choices for bath seats out there.  I have tried a few of them, but my favorite one I have used is a mesh bath seat.  I still have the one I used when the boys were little, saving it for my next baby. 🙂  This bath seat is perfect to use up until they are sitting up.  These are also super affordable and well worth buying.  The mesh bath seat above is a Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather.

Video Baby Monitor

Every mom needs a baby monitor.  This gives you a piece of mind while your baby is napping or sleeping at night.  We co-slept with both of our boys, but during naps or even when they were toddlers and finally moved into their room, a video monitor made me feel so much better.  There are sound or video monitors.  We chose the video one because it made me feel more comfortable to be able to see my babies.

This is the video baby monitor we had, Levana Alexa 5 inch video baby monitor and camera.  I chose this one because it was affordable compared to others and was rated well.  We really loved ours.  You can buy extra cameras for them also.

This monitor is another great option.  It has Wi-Fi so you can see the monitor when you are away from your home on your phone.  If you have a nanny or someone in your home watching your baby this would be a great monitor for you.  This is the Baby Delight 7inch HD WiFi Video Baby Monitor.

Co-Sleeper or Crib

With my first baby I bought a crib thinking my son would sleep in it, but he never did.  We ended up co-sleeping with both my boys.  So you have a choice to make on what your family decides to do.  When I have another baby I won’t be buying a crib at all.  If you do decide to buy a crib, there are some great affordable options that can turn into other beds to last through all the stages.  If you decided to co-sleep, then I have some great options for you.

DockaTot has so many different patterns and beautiful options.  They are a little more on the expensive side but I think totally worth it.  They have different slip covers that make this easy to care for.  The Dockatot website also allows layaway! How awesome is that.  Check out the layaway options here.  DockaTot is supposed to be comfy and cozy, like the womb.

This is the Arms Reach 2 in 1 Co Sleeper.  It can be a bedside co sleeper or a free standing bassinet.  It has mesh sides to help with ventilation.  This is what I would spend my money on rather then a crib.  I like to have my babies close to me for comfort.

This is a 3 in 1 convertible crib.  It turns into a toddler bed and then into a daybed.  I like this option because if you don’t end up getting a lot of use out of the crib then you can still use it for a toddler bed and daybed.

There you have my new moms must haves!  We used all of these things a lot with both of my boys.  I wanted to include useful items.  There are a lot of baby items new moms might think they need and you probably will never use.  So I hope this New Moms Must Haves post is really helpful!

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