16 Breastfeeding Must Haves

16 Breastfeeding Must Haves

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby, but it’s hard work if you don’t know what your doing.  There are many things that can make breastfeeding easier.  When I had my first baby I was lost on the whole breastfeeding thing.  Help and research made breastfeeding my second baby so much easier.  So I have put together my top breastfeeding must haves to help your breastfeeding journey go a little smoother.


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Breastfeeding Must Haves

Breast milk is like liquid gold, it provides the perfect mix of vitamins and nutrients your baby needs.  Breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off sickness.  It also lowers your babies risk of allergies and other illnesses.  Breastfeeding is also very beneficial for mamas!  It helps your uterus shrink back to it’s size before pregnancy quicker and also lowers your risk of certain cancers. Source.

My favorite things about breastfeeding
-Saves money, no formula needed!
-No washing or sterilizing bottles
-Bonding time with your baby
-Helps burn calories for mama!


Breastfeeding Class

A good breastfeeding class is so beneficial.  When you start breastfeeding and along the way you will run into problems or questions that you might not know the answer too.  Milkology is the perfect breastfeeding class, you can do it right from home.

This class teaches you the benefits, process, techniques (latching and positions), what to expect, finding support, and being prepared.  It also includes and e-book and a couple other free printables to help you out on your breastfeeding journey.

Check out Milkology and all it offers here!


Breast Pump

This electric pump is a very affordable option compared the some of the other electric ones.  It’s a double breast pump, quiet and highly rated.  If you are planning on pumping to have a milk stash for the times when you are away, then you need an electric pump.  Even if you don’t plan on using bottles, sometimes you will get engorged and having a pump will help out with that.

Another option is a hand pump.  This one is the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump.  I have this one and it works great.  These are a little cheaper but a lot more work.  If you only need to pump a few times every now and then, this could be a great option for you.



You can make the choice to use bottles or not.  I mainly did all the feeding with my babies, but needed a bottle every now and then for when I was away.  I think it is a good idea to have bottles just in case, you never know when you will need them.  These Medela Breastmilk bottles are the ones we used.  My son did very well with them and did not get confused while breastfeeding.  You want to make sure you buy breastfeeding bottles so they feel more like a breast to your baby.


Nipple Cream

This is a MUST!  Especially during the first month of breastfeeding, this cream will be a savior.  It helps with cracked nipples and it’s safe for baby.  The cream that I liked best is Medela Tender Care.

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Nursing Pads

When you are breastfeeding there will be times that your breasts leak, it’s normal don’t worry.  You will want to have some nursing pads for this, lot’s of them.  They make washable ones or disposable ones.  The Baby Zeli nursing pads above are washable ones.  They are organic, soft, hypoallergenic and reusable.

These Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads are always great to have, even if you plan on using the washable ones.  Sometimes we get busy as moms and our stuff may not have gotten washed, but you will have these for back up and your shirt will stay dry!


Storage Bags

If you are pumping and making a milk stash, you will definitely need some storage bags.  The Lansinoh storage bags are affordable, pre sterilized, and have click and seal closure to prevent spilling.


Nursing Bras

Good nursing bras are definitely breastfeeding must haves.  When your baby is hungry the last thing you want to do is fight with your bra.  These nursing bras make it simple to feed your baby.  They also come with extenders to make sure they fit you properly.

Nursing Cover

When I was nursing my babies, I did not use a cover.  They did not like it at all and I didn’t feel the need to cover up.  If you are modest and want a nursing cover, this one is a great option.



Nursing Pillow

The Boppy Nursing Pillow is my favorite, I tried a couple different kinds.  It works perfectly to position your baby for breastfeeding.  It also works great for anyone wanting to hold the baby, to keep their arms comfortable.  This pillow comes in many different colors and patterns.  The cover comes off and can be washed.



Supply Boosters

There may be times when your milk supply drops a little bit.  There are lots of different products that can help with that.  They even taste great too!

Milkmaid Tea has a blend of herbs that help with milk production.  It’s caffeine free and tastes yummy hot or cold.


Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle are go-to supplements for many women trying to boost their supply.  Upspring Milkflow capsules for breast milk supply are perfect for that.  They are safe for baby, affordable, and don’t contain any artificial ingredients.

Upspring Milkflow chocolate drink is a great alternative to taking fenugreek pills.  It tastes better and helps breast milk production.  They also offer a berry flavored breastfeeding supplement drink.

Cookies are by far my favorite way to increase my supply!  I mean you are eating them for a purpose, right?

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A couple extras to make you more comfortable

A big tumblr with a straw is great to have when breastfeeding.  You have to make sure you are drinking enough water and getting all the nutrients you need to feed your baby.  Nursing takes a lot out of you.  When you are stuck under a baby, you are going to be so happy you have a cup you can grab for a nice, cold drink.

These 3-1 Breast Therapy Packs are a life saver.  You can use them cold to help with engorgement or hot to help with clogged ducts and let down.  They can also be used when you are pumping to help increase milk production and let down.


Hope these breastfeeding must haves were helpful!  Let me know in the comments your favorite breastfeeding must have!


Love and Laughs,


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