Nutella Covered Pretzels

Nutella Covered Pretzels

Lot of people make chocolate covered pretzels, I have made them so many times.  But have you ever had Nutella Covered Pretzels?  If you haven’t, you should try out this recipe.  It is so simple and easy, the perfect salty and sweet snack.  🙂  These are perfect for the holidays or any parties you need to attend.  Or just to make for yourself.

Nutella Covered Pretzels

This recipe is so simple, it only has a few steps.  Here is what you need

Mini Twist Pretzels
Dark Chocolate
Coconut Oil


Nutella Covered Pretzels
Cover the top of the pretzels with Nutella and chill in the freezer 15 minutes.

Nutella Covered Pretzels
While the pretzels are chilling, melt 1 bag dark chocolate with 1 Tablespoon coconut oil.  Heat in 30 second intervals, while stirring.

Take the pretzels out and dip each one into the dark chocolate, I use a fork for this.  Then set aside on a cookie sheet or parchment paper.

Nutella Covered Pretzels
Sprinkle chopped hazelnuts on top and chill.
(If you are making these for a holiday or party, you could add some sprinkles for whatever holiday.  Example: red and green for Christmas, or orange and black for Halloween)

Nutella Covered Pretzels

Tip:  These are best to keep at room temperature,  it keeps the outside hardened and the Nutella on the inside creamy.  YUM.


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Nutella Covered Pretzels
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