Destress With The Most Relaxing Bath You’ve Ever Had

Destress With The Most Relaxing Bath You’ve Ever Had

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Bubble baths can be an oasis on crazy or busy days.  Nothing like soaking your body after a long day.   Sitting in the hot water feels amazing, but with a couple things added in you can destress with the most relaxing bath you’ve ever had.  Find out my bath recipe and tips to turn your bath into a relaxing spa.


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How to Have The Most Relaxing Bath Ever

I love taking baths when my body is sore or I had a long rough day and I need a little self care.  To destress and relax to the fullest potential, I like to add a few things in my bath and a few things to set the mood.

After you take this relaxing bath, your muscles will feel relaxed and so will your mind.  Check out my Immunity Boosting Detox Bath For Kids.

Now for my must haves for a relaxing bath and the most relaxing bath ever recipe!


Relaxing Bath Must Haves

My FAVORITE thing to have for my relaxing bath is this Bath Overflow Drain Cover.  This cover has suction cups to stick to the bath and cover the overflow drain, adding more water into your bath, to actually cover your body.  With more water in the bath it makes your relaxing bath feel more spa like, instead of a half filled basic bathtub.  


A calming candle is necessary to set the mood for your most relaxing bath ever. This Calming Candle by Kanobi Candle Company is all natural with no harmful chemicals.  It is made with patchouli, cedar wood, and osmanthus which are known to calm nerves and help relieve stress, perfect for this destressing bath!  You can use different candles depending on your mood.



The last must have for your bath is music!  I like to use a radio or bluetooth speaker to play relaxing music while I take a bath.  Use whatever you have to listen to music, your phone, your laptop, TV, radio, whatever it is.  Find some calming music to play while you enjoy your relaxing bath.  Sometimes, there might be a time for silence, but I usually like music.


Most Relaxing Bath You’ve Ever Had Recipe

You only need 3 things to make this relaxing bath recipe. 


Relaxing Bath Recipe


First, you need good ol’ baking soda.  This helps neutralize anything that is in the tap water and also has great healing benefits.  It helps remove germs and also soothes skin. Add 2 T as your bath is running.


Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.  Magnesium helps your muscles relax, relieve stress, reduces inflammation and detoxifies your body.  Add 2 cups to your bath as it’s running.  


Add a few drops of essential oil or homemade oils.  There are a few different kinds you can add to your bath based on how you want to feel.

  • Tension Relief – Helps with aches, pains and tension in your muscles and body.  If you are achy and in pain, add this one!
  • Tranquil or Relax– Both these oils relieves stress, helps with peace and calmness and also helps you get better sleep.  These oils are great when you want to relax and then go to sleep!

You can also make your own oils or buys oils for specific purposes.  I make my own oils for different things, so I use those a lot of the time.

Add 2-3 drops of your favorite relaxing oil or a drop of both and you are all set for your most relaxing bath ever.


Relaxing Bath Recipe

  • 2 T baking soda
  • 2 cups pure epsom salt
  • 2-3 drops favorite essential oil or homemade oils


Tips For The Most Relaxing Bath Ever

  • Use hot water.  Using hot water helps your muscles and helps everything absorb into your body to relieve your stress and make you feel relaxed.
  • Sit in the bath at least 20 mins.  If you want to fully relax and let your muscles release their tension, 20 minutes is the minimum.  
  • Rinse your body off after the bath.  Your body will absorb the magnesium and oils after sitting in the bath for 20 minutes.  If you don’t rinse off after, you could be itchy from leaving it on your skin.


Now that you have all the tips and tricks to have your most relaxing bath you’ve ever had, GO RELAX!  You deserve it.

What is your favorite things to add to your bath?  Let me know in the comments below.





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