How We Use Magnesium Oil For Sleep

How We Use Magnesium Oil For Sleep

Having trouble sleeping is one of the most frustrating things.  I have always had trouble and my kids have too.  There are many solutions out there to help with this, some of them being prescriptions.  We try to take the natural route when we can.  I recently discovered Magnesium Oil for sleep and I am amazed by it.  Let me tell you how to use magnesium for sleep.

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Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium has lots of benefits.  Lots of people are low on magnesium but don’t even know.  Here are some of the benefits of magnesium.

-It is vital for proper function of hundreds of enzymes.
-Magnesium is important for bone formation.
-It is vital in calcium absorption and preventing osteoporosis.
-Higher intake of magnesium can lower the risk of diabetes.
-Magnesium is also essential to maintain muscle health, this includes the heart.
-Studies have shown magnesium can help with anxiety, menstrual cramps, and headaches.

If you are taking any other prescription medications be sure to consult with your doctor first.

Learning about magnesium and how beneficial it is helps to feel comfortable using the magnesium oil spray on your children.  When I am using new products for my children, I always make sure to learn all about it.  Magnesium oil is natural and I would prefer to use this to help with sleep over any medications.


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How We Use Magnesium Oil For Sleep

My oldest son started going to occupational therapy, this is where I learned about magnesium oil for sleep and it has been a game changer.

My son started OT for sensory issues as well as other things, but one thing he had trouble with was sleeping.  He had the hardest time falling asleep and staying asleep.  This resulted in being over tired the next day.  I have always had the same issues and now so do my kids.

As moms, we all know what it feels like when we don’t get enough sleep.  That problem is escalated when your kids also don’t sleep and everyone in the house is grumpy and tired. NO THANKS!  Sleep is essential to function properly.  I was willing to try this magnesium oil for sleep.  I had tried so many other things, what could it hurt?

If you aren’t sure about using magnesium oil spray for your children, consult their pediatrician.  The spray was recommended to me by a reliable health care provider in my son’s life.  It is all natural and I think all moms feel better knowing things are safe for their children.

There are many ways to take magnesium but they are not as a effective as the spray.  This spray is extremely effective and fast acting because it is absorbed immediately.  I chose to order this brand because it is pure, has great reviews, it comes with a free ebook about magnesium and has a money back guarantee.

How to use magnesium for sleep

Every night before bed, I rub the kids feet with a couple sprays of magnesium oil.  On the feet is a great spot to spray the oil because it doesn’t bother them and my boys love a foot rub.  If you feel this magnesium oil is too strong for your little one, you can dilute it with water, a 1:1 ratio.

You can also mix the magnesium oil with some unscented lotion.  This makes a magnesium lotion and it’s easy to rub on.  The hands are a little sensitive to the magnesium oil spray, so if you aren’t diluting it with water or lotion, I suggest using gloves when rubbing your kids feet.

The first night we tried it they slept in their beds the whole night!  SHOCKING.  I didn’t really think it would work that well and it has continued working ever since.  Once your kids get enough magnesium in their body, you will notice them sleeping better.  Then you might able to just use it every other day or a few times a week.

It’s amazing what proper vitamins and minerals can do for the body.

Go check out this magnesium oil spray for yourself here.  The reviews are what sold me.  Read through the reviews on amazon and you will be amazed by everyone’s results.  Some people use the magnesium spray for sleep, some for muscle pains, and other things as well.

Make sure to check out the ebook that comes with the magnesium oil spray to see what other uses you might be able to get out of it.  You might find this spray useful in multiple ways.


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Other Ways To Get Enough Magnesium

Magnesium is naturally in many foods. Here are a few foods with higher magnesium levels.
-Nuts and Seeds
-Dark Chocolate

Eating some of these foods is a good way to increase your magnesium intake naturally as well.  There are also a few other great products you might want to check out if you are on the fence about a spray.


Natural Calm is a product with great reviews, it is a highly absorbable formula.  They have a kids version too!


How about a foot soak?  This is something that I know us moms would love!  Soaking our feet with extra benefits, yes please!  Check out these Magnesium bath flakes.


Other helpful products and tips for sleep

I want to share with you the other helpful products we use to help us all sleep.  For the kids and for my husband and myself.  I have spent many hours up with my kids trying to help them achieve better sleep for our sanity.

My main tip to help your kids or yourself get better sleep is to turn off lights and televisions.  I let my kids fall asleep to T.V for a long time because that’s how I always slept and it seemed normal to me.  Then I discovered this was actually messing up my kids restful sleep.  We switched to music and used melatonin for the transition from T.V to music.

Melatonin is another natural sleep aid.  You can buy this in drops or gummies.  We bought kids gummies, you can check them out here. 


Music or sound machines are a great alternative to T.V.  My kids sleep significantly better when they are listening to music instead of the T.V.  Mozart is my kids music of choice.  They pop in their CD and fall asleep without trouble.


Salt lamps are said to help you sleep by giving off negative ions into the air, which reduces anxiety and helps promote relaxation.  They also make a great night light at the same time.  For kids who are scared of the dark, this is a better choice than a regular light because it is helping them get a restful sleep.  Make sure it is a pure and authentic salt lamp, like this one here.  My kids also think licking ours is pretty fun. 🙂


I hope this post about magnesium oil for sleep was helpful and your family starts getting the sleep they deserve!  Let me know if you tried this and had great results as well!


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