Benefits Of Dry Brushing & How To Brush Properly

Benefits Of Dry Brushing & How To Brush Properly

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Dry brushing is a technique that is said to jump start the lymphatic system and help remove toxins from your body. 

This is my new favorite self care task to add in before my showers.  There are so many benefits of dry brushing, not only does it help remove toxins from your body but it helps with multiple other things as well.  And it feels great.



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Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing helps your skin and body in many different ways.

To get started with dry brushing, you need to purchase a dry brush,
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Look for one that is naturally made without synthetic materials.

I bought a whole dry brushing kit and my skin has NEVER felt better.  I have been telling everyone I know about dry brushing and also making them feel my smooth skin.  🙂

This dry brushing set from Zen Me Naturals comes with a naturally made dry body brush and handle, scrub gloves, konjac sponge for face and natural pumice stone for feet.  This is everything you need to get your body exfoliated and feeling amazing.  

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Along with dry brushing, these other exfoliating tools are amazing.  The konjac face sponge has my face looking better than ever.



Benefits of Dry Brushing

5 Amazing Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Your skin is the largest organ in your body.  If your skin is taken over by toxins and dead skin cells, it can not eliminate waste from your body in the way it should.  Once you start dry brushing you won’t look back.  I do it all the time!


1. Exfoliates Skin

Dry brushing your body will remove dead skin and unclog pores to help your skin breathe a little better.  It will also stimulate nerves and muscle fibers to help with cell growth.  If you want smooth, youthful looking skin dry brushing is the best natural way to achieve that.


2. Stimulates the Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is responsible for eliminating cellular waste.  If this system isn’t working well, toxins and waste can build up and make you sick.  Dry body brushing stimulates your lymphatic system, speeding up the flow and helps release toxins.  In return, you will have a stronger immune system and healthier body.


3. Increases Circulation and Organ Function

Dry brushing increases circulation of your skin and increases blood flow, which supports toxin release, digestion and organ function.


4. Reduce Cellulite

Skin brushing can drastically reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Cellulite is a toxic fat buildup that dimples your skin, so helping eliminate cellulite is actually helping detox your body.


5. Stress Relief

Dry brushing is like giving your body a full massage.  It calms your mind and relieves stress.



How To Dry Brush Properly

When using your dry brush you want to make sure your skin is dry and do not take it into the water with you.  Dry brushing can be done whenever you want, but for the best results do it before a shower or bath. 

Here are some tips and tricks for to make sure you are dry brushing properly.

  • You can dry brush for a couple minutes or ten minutes, it’s up to you.
  • You might feel more alert and awake after dry brushing, so try not to do it right before bed.
  • Brush towards your heart to encourage the natural flow of the lymph.
  • Start at your feet and work your way up your body with sweeping strokes using light pressure.  Use a circular motion on stomach and joints.
  • Do not scrub.  Your skin should not feel irritated, it will just look a little pink.


After dry brushing I like to hop in the shower and use the exfoliating scrub gloves to remove the rest of my dead skin cells.

When you are done dry brushing, exfoliating, and showering make sure to put something moisturizing on your skin.  I like to use organic coconut oil or a good body oil or lotion.

This is something simple, quick and easy you can do for yourself. And it has so many amazing health benefits as well.


Grab a dry brushing kit, your skin will thank you!



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